Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sayonara Second Life

I hate loose ends so I'm posting this to make my departure from Second Life official. I haven't created anything in SL for nearly a year now, the last work being a live collaborative performance for Odyssey back in July 2011. That experience was very exhausting, and although I was happy I participated it contributed to draining me of my remaining enthusiasm for the medium. Of course SL is still relevant to many people, just not any longer to me.

I look back and can definitely say I had some amazing adventures, met some wonderful people (some not so wonderful), made many friends (and a few enemies), and as an artist was able to explore and create work previously unimaginable to me. But after a year's absence I've got to the point where I feel such a distance from the medium there is no longer any desire to return.

Sayonara Second Life, it's been (un)real.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rotating Brains / Beating Heart: Machinima

Rotating Brains / Beating Heart
A virtual reality performance collaboration featuring 
Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

Fifteen performers, two timekeepers, one conductor 
Separated by geography, connected in virtual space

Avatars, objects, sounds, images and lights
Synchronized in real time

Recorded live at the RMIT Melbourne simulator in Second Life
during a networked performance for New Adventures in Sound Art Sound Play Festival, November 2010, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Machinima by Steve Millar

Created by
Stelarc, Pauline Oliveros, Franziska Schroeder, Tina Pearson, Norman Lowrey, Andreas Müller
and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

Scored and conducted by
Tina Pearson

Performed by
Rotating avatar (Stelarc Luik), Stelarc automatons, voice

Daniel Mounsey
Rotating Stelarc automatons, floating texts

Pauline Oliveros
Flying avatar (Free Noyes) and drones

Norman Lowrey
Giant brain sound and images

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
Floating avatars and virtual audio-visual instruments

Andreas Müller (Bingo Onomatopoeia, Regensburg, Germany)
Biagio Francia (BlaiseDeLaFrance Voom, Agropoli, Italy)
Carolyn Oakley (Carolhyn Wijaya, Boulder, Colorado, USA)
Tim Risher, (Flivelwitz Alsop, Durham, North Carolina, USA)
Peter Wong (Gargamel Frequency, San Francisco/Oakland, CA, USA)
Tina M. Pearson (Humming Pera, Victoria, BC, Canada)
Norman Lowrey (North Zipper, New Jersey, USA)
Chris Wittkowsky (Paco Mariani, Regensburg, Germany)
Ryan Ross Smith (Pow Zero, Berkeley, CA, USA)
Seidi Palonen (Saara Edring, Helsinki, Finland)
Viv Corringham (Zonzo Spyker, Minneapolis, MN, USA / London, UK)

Leif Inge and Brenda Hutchinson (Timekeeping)

Ze Moo (Additional automatons)

Set Design
Stelarc and Daniel Mounsey

Composition and Sound Design
Norman Lowrey, Andreas Mueller, Pauline Oliveros, Tina Pearson, Stelarc

Stelarc Luik Automatons and Animations
Designed by Stelarc, scripting and construction by Daniel Mounsey

Stelarc Luik / Automaton Choreography

Flying avatar (Free Noyes) Choreography
Pauline Oliveros, Norman Lowrey

Avatar Orchestra Choreography
Tina Pearson, Tim Risher and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

Virtual giant brain 5-Channel Audiovisual Mixer
Designed and Built by Norman Lowrey
Sound samples from the human nervous system and outer space
Images of the human nervous and circulatory systems

Virtual 9-Channel Audio Drone Mixer
Conceived by Pauline Oliveros
Designed and built by Norman Lowrey
Sounds from Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Franziska Schroeder, Tina Pearson,
Viv Corringham and Stelarc

Avatar Orchestra Virtual Instruments
Designed by Tina Pearson and Andreas Müller
Built by Andreas Müller
Sounds of the human circulatory system from Tim Risher,
in-womb heartbeats from Lilith and Doris,
mechanical processes from Andreas Müller,
tuned sine tones from Tina Pearson

Avatar Orchestra animations
Built by Tim Risher

Second Life performance filmed and edited by Steve Millar

Audio recording from Second Life by Andreas Müller

Rotating Brains / Beating Heart was originally created as a mixed reality collaboration
Premiered at the 2010 Digital Resources for the Humanities and the Arts Conference at 
Brunel University, UK
By Stelarc, Pauline Oliveros, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse,
Franziska Schroeder (saxophone) and Martin Parker (electronics)

RMIT University (Melbourne), OCAD University, New Adventures in Sound Art, Nadine Thériault-Copeland, Darren Copeland, Hector Centeno, Hannah Dean, Bentley Jarvis in Toronto, Canada, Franziska Schroeder at Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, Ireland, Yael Gilks (Fau Ferdinand), Ze Moo, Dennis Moser, Sachiko Hayashi, Max D Well, Steve Millar (Arahan Claveau).

New Adventures in Sound Art Residency funding for Tina Pearson provided by the SOCAN Foundation, Canada

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rotating Brains / Beating Heart

Rotating Brains / Beating Heart
Featuring Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
Machimima by Arahan Claveau
Coming May 2012

More info here.

Monday, 16 January 2012

I created a new Facebook page for the 'other' me. Please pop by and 'Like' me sometime (or simply avoid if you prefer).

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I thought I should give an update as I've been absent from Second Life for several weeks now. The main reason is that I've become very captivated and inspired by the Occupy movement, friends have heard me talk about little else since I first became aware of the murmurings in NYC last month. Consequently, I've had no reason or motivation to login to SL, and it seems more than a little negligent to spend time in a virtual world when the real world is experiencing such momentous changes with a movement that is in need of our support.

The 99%, a truly global movement, has been forced to take action in response to the economic crisis, the ruthless greed of the banks, and increasingly severe cuts and austerity measures imposed by our governments. We're seeing the very beginnings of a revolution that is too powerful to subdue or ignore, a fact which has been proven time and time again, particularly in the States, where the unprovoked police brutality has been witnessed all over the world. Despite the violence, misleading press reports and vilification, the protesters remain strong, and even more determined that what they're doing is right and justified.

My own involvement with Occupy London has been small but I hope worthwhile. I filmed on the first day of the occupation on October 15th and subsequently made a music video from the footage, which I've been promoting and distributing. In addition I took many still shots, some of which were selected by this blog, and also printed on the front cover and inside issue 7781 of The Inquirer magazine. I've also been contacted by a Canadian academic who wants to use the photos in a presentation "to show the power of social media through grassroots movements like Occupy WallStreet/London."

I want to continue documenting this movement and I'm planning more visits to the camp/s soon. I'll probably still login to Second Life to attend certain performances or exhibitions, but for the foreseeable future I'll definitely not be blogging or creating my own art there.

Please do check out my video below, and you can see more footage here. But more importantly, if you're affected by the issues then get involved yourself, add your own voice, be a part of history.